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In terms of the marketplaces to push a release through, the consensus within the industry at current seems to be that it is best to spread the net as widely as possible. Spotify recently made it possible for independent artists to upload directly to the platform. Whilst the panel were in agreement that this could have a positive effect for artists in the early stages of their development, it is also crucial to have the bigger picture in mind. You will probably have a favorite platform that you want to point fans towards when given the opportunity. Regardless, if people are hearing about you from elsewhere, you'll want to ensure that your music is easily accessible. The time has passed for an artist to pick and choose where their music should be available - make sure that your releases are available across all possible platforms.

Music PR is always a hot topic when it comes to independent releases and it was no different here. RaMed Studios states A good promotional campaign can make or break a release, but that doesn't mean that involving a PR company is always necessary. If you have existing contacts that you can call upon to get the word out and the time to put together a strong press release, a lot can be achieved with some well targeted emails. A creative social media strategy is also often key for emerging artists and a well planned campaign doesn't have to be costly. If you do need the extra help, the advice is to choose help carefully, ask bands with a similar sound if they have any recommendations and look at some campaigns that any prospective PR companies have recently worked on.

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