RaMed Studios tell you how to Get More YouTube Views to Your Music Video

If your music vid is struggling to get the hits it deserves, you’re not alone. It’s an issue which every up-and-coming artist has had to deal with. There are over a billion users on YouTube, so the potential is huge – but how do you get your video noticed? Thankfully, there are a few insider hints and tips that RaMed Studios can give your view count a healthy boost. Here’s how to get more YouTube views to your music video.

RAMed Studios #1 Create an Artist’s Channel

Before you do anything, you need a channel. It needs to look sleek and professional. Don’t get lazy with the style of your YouTube channel, this should be a representation of you and your music. Think about it as if it were your own website with your own unique style. If you can, keep it consistent with any social media, Bandcamp or Soundcloud profiles you have.

Here’s RaMed Studios list of things to remember when creating a channel:

High quality cover artLinks to social media, Bandcamp, Soundcloud or any other sitesRelevant logo or profile picAn engaging description that talks about yourself and your musicContact details. If you need a music video, music cover, mix and mastering contact RaMed Studios 646-818-5731 or

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