RaMed Studios Tell You The 5 Issues That Ruin Vocals

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

In many ways, a good vocal sound comes LESS from employing fancy techniques, and MORE from avoiding common problems.

Specifically, these 5:



Proximity Effect

Foot Noise

Poor Room Acoustics

Now RaMed Studios will help you explain what is popping..

1. Popping

One strange thing about the human voice is…

When pronouncing “P” and “B” sounds, a strong blast of air is expelled from the mouth.

In normal speech you don’t even notice it.

But on recordings, these air blasts strike the diaphragm of the mic…

Creating a punchy low frequency sound known as Popping.

To understand it better, try this exercise:

Place your hand in front of your face as you say these two sentences:

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. Better businesses build big boxes.

Feel the air hitting your hand?  That’s popping.

To avoid it, the easiest way is to sing into the mic at a slightly off-axis angle, so the blasts don’t strike the diaphragm directly.

However…since many singers can’t or won’t do it, engineers often use pop filters instead.

Here’s how they work:

By creating a barrier between the singer and the mic, pop filters act like a net to catch “plosives“, while allowing other sounds to pass freely.The barrier also acts as a distance marker, preventing singers from moving in too close, as they often will.

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