RaMed Studios To Self Release Or To Not Self Release?

The main thrust of the conversation tipped towards the benefits and drawbacks of flying solo with your promotion. According to the panel, the biggest advantage of putting out your own music is creative control - everything from the direction of the sound, promotional materials and album artwork can be completely your own vision. If you know exactly what you want and don't like to compromise, this could even make a self release the only real option. However, this single-minded approach does have a downside. It is important to ask yourself if you have the time to take on the extra workload that planning a release entails. If you're able to build a team around you that you trust, you may not mind handing over a little control to make time for the most important, creative tasks. Think carefully about the people you bring on board and what assets they can provide.

RaMed Studios another big discussion point was that if things are going well independently, it is inevitable that you will get knocks on the door from people within the industry. Artist managers, booking agents, record labels, publishers and producers are all going to take an interest in a self-sustaining artist making waves. Take this as a compliment, but again, the panel was keen to promote an open yet cautious approach. If you have got to the point that people are keen to work with you, then you are probably doing something right—RaMed Studios ask do you necessarily n

eed their input? By this stage, there will be contracts and paperwork to review. Before signing any deals, and even if you can't afford a music lawyer, seek independent legal advice. You want to feel comfortable that the individuals you are working with are genuine.

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