There are 3 main parts of a song

Updated: May 26, 2018

here are RaMed Studios 3 main parts of a song: The verse, The chorus and the bridge. They are the building blocks of song writing.

Here’s what each part is. Use them to craft your next masterpiece.

  • What is a verse

The verse is the part of a song that propels your song idea forwards. If you think of a song like a story, the verse is the passage that builds the suspense and action.

Remember, you don’t need lyrics to tell a story. It can be a progression in your leads, creative drum layering, or any interesting combination of sounds.

Each verse typically changes each time it pops up in your song. The melody in your verse should ascend towards and lead seamlessly into your chorus.

  • What Is a chorus

A chorus is a piece of a song that typically repeats a lyric, idea or passage in between each verse. It is sometimes called a refrain as well.

The chorus typically occurs after a verse. While verses vary in their structure, a chorus tends to repeat the same idea.

A good chorus is memorable and catchy. It also states the main idea of your song.

Because the verse builds up to the chorus and is normally repeated multiple times during a song, it is often the most recognizable part of a song.

That’s why it’s usually the chorus you sing or hum when a song gets stuck in your head.

  • What is the bridge

In music, the bridge is the section of a song that contrasts the rest of the composition.

The bridge is a great way to move away from your central song idea. Choose a melody and chord progression that contrasts your verse and chorus.

The bridge typically sits between a chorus and verse. When the bridge is over, the original structure—either a verse or chorus—comes back in.

This will make the listener want that juicy hook or chorus back after the bridge. So give it to ’em!

The Pieces of Your Song Parts

The verse, chorus and bridge are the main parts of your song. But there’s a couple other parts you need to know before you start writing.

  • What is key

Key is the group of notes that your song is made up of. The tonic or root of your key determines the scale of complimentary notes that you’ll use.

That means melodies, chords and even bass lines will all be made from that scale.

Knowing basic music theory is vital for success when it comes to song writing. So take some time and learn the fundamentals.

  • What is melody

Melody is a sequence of single notes that make up your lead line. Think of it like the theme of your parts. It’s what defines the mood of your track.

Depending on what genre you’re working in, melody can take on many forms. But melody usually dictates the color or tone of a song section.

Melody most often refers to the top line of a song that is joined with background elements like percussion. Often it’s a vocal or lead instrument that carries it.

  • What is a hook

A hook is the part you end up humming in the shower. It’s the ear worm that get’s stuck in your head.

Hooks can be a small melodic passage, part of a solo, lyrics from the chorus, a backing vocal or absolutely anything else from your song. The hook is what makes a song catchy.

Good songwriting always has good hooks. You should craft each part with a hook in mind.

Writing your first verse? there should be a hook there. Working on the chorus? There should be a hook there too.

Written By: Rory Seydel

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